With much excitement I introduce Mooi by Lienkie Children Footwear to the world.

We debuting one of this years collection with our first blog posting. 

This collection line features Mooi by Lienkie Moccasins, Boots, Classic Oxfords and don't forget our Mary Jane collection that are designed with colourful soft suede leather.

The beginning of designing a shoe from start to finish is such an exciting process.

I have to consider how children would run in them and how the colours would look with each design.

My children like all children love to play, thats why Mooi Moccasins, Boots and Oxfords are perfect for all occasions and play. 

 But I decided to keep it girly with the Mary Jane and knew I wanted them have to have a bit of sparkle.


When you see the end result and the children enjoy playing and running around in them thats what make me so happy.

I hope children love our shoes and enjoy wearing them for all occasions. As much as I enjoy making them.

And that you all will enjoy the journey with us at Mooi by Lienkie.


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