Mooi by Lienkie is a small business established and run by South African shoemaker Lienkie Claase in England.

Mooi by Lienkie began after my two children were born, leaving my job in Investment Banking. With the simplest of intentions, it did not begin as a company at all.

For fun, I handmade a pair of booties and some clothes for my son and daughter, to stay creative….  I like classic styles of past trends with simple designs that stays in fashion.

When I became a parent it was hard to find clothing and shoes of style, quality and reasonably priced.  Growing up on a game farm quality is the only option as farm life quickly deteriorate your garments.  This was my inspiration but with style.

Quality is an issue for every family but I also understand that you get what you pay for (mostly).  On making Mooi by Lienkie my main objective was producing beautiful shoes that can handle the rigours  of child life while still looking beautiful. 

It was so much fun that I made several, and after family and friends prompt me to sell to them that’s when orders and inquiries started to come in, just in a handful of weeks.

Mooi by Lienkie is about beautiful textures, unique finishes and careful details that come together in our shoes, designed for COMFORT but also to WOW.  Mooi, handcrafted shoes are as individual as your child and will make them feel pampered.

Mooi, pronounced “m oi" driven from the Afrikaans word that means Beautiful.

It is my passion and hope that you dearly love and thoroughly wear our shoes.