Our Process, Its quit a ritual.

All our shoes are produced in the UK. We cut each pair from beautiful soft suede leathers to ensure they are comfortable.

Firstly we starts with selecting the pattern of the specific shoe ordered.

Once cut out by hand, holes need to be punched for laces and eyelets, eyelets then added.

Lining get added and glued to orthopaedic innersole.

Now we machine stitch all leather patterns together.  Apart from the Vamp (the fore part of a shoe upper).  

Then the Vamp of the shoe gets HAND stitched this is a time consuming process.

Ones all patterns are machine and HAND stitched, the next stage is pulling the upper over the Last to give it its shape and they will be left overnight to naturally rest and mould.

Its outer sole glueing time...we use two types of soles - a soft leather for pre-walkers, and for toddlers rubber soles, allowing the shoes to be slip resistant and remain flexible. Then soles to shoes get pressed in sole-press.

Laces get added and shoes get boxed to be shipped out to the customers beautiful feet.

Mooi is committed to sourcing our materials from UK suppliers, making our shoes locally as much as possible.

Our process take us a full day (as a single pair process).