We source the best quality and safest materials to use in our shoes.


We use  and carefully selected footwear components that is in use in the manufactured and make of orthopaedic footwear for our shoes innersoles.  They are beautifully soft, supple and breathable.

100% vegetable tanned Italian leather.

The company we are working with has been pursuing every day for the last fifty years, with a focussed in quality, research, innovation, technology development  with is focussed on producing the most beautiful and natural leathers possible.  Their focus is on the environmental impact of their leather and it’s production as well as creating a safe product.

Innersoles (orthopaedic) & Outer-soles:

Our Orthopaedic innersoles maximise comfort and foot care for your toddler in every shoe with every step.  We use two types of soles - a soft leather for pre-walkers, and rubber soles for toddlers, allowing the shoes to be slip resistant and remain flexible. 

Our shoes are intended for indoor and outdoor use.  But need to be loved as they are suede.  They are natural vegetable tanned leather, colours can transfer with the process of getting wet. 

We hope that you will love as much as us our soft baby shoes and they become part of the families memory of the little feet that once wore them. These are little shoes to be treasured long after they are outgrown.  

Most of all we hope you enjoy wearing our shoes.