Our sizes are true to UK shoe sizes.

Pleas Note: Our age guidelines are a guide only. To ensure you choose the right size please measure your child's feet and use our size chart to determine the best size for your order.

Size:        Month old:        Max foot length in cm               (approximate European sizes)*

Size 1      0-3 months       10cm                                         (EU 17)
Size 2      3-6 months       11cm                                         (EU 18)
Size 3      6-12 months     12cm                                         (EU 19)
Size 4      12-18 months   12.5cm                                      (EU 20)
Size 5      18-24 months   13.5cm                                      (EU 22)

*Remember to leave about a 1/4 inch for growing room.

*The leather will also stretch just a little with wear.
*If you have questions on sizing, please don't hesitate to ask.


A helpful hint: Measure feet on a flat surface and ensure the child’s toes are pushed flat, babies and small children have a tendency to scrunch their toes.

If the child is on the upper limit of a size, we recommend sizing up.

* European shoe sizes are given a guideline only, we recommend you measure the child's foot to be sure the correct size is ordered.